5 Signs Your Pillow Needs to Be Replaced

After a stressful day at work, the only thing that makes you feel better is that once it is over, you will get to go home and enjoy a peaceful sleep. Imagine that perfect image getting ruined when you can’t fall asleep, all thanks to your uneven pillow that keeps you up all night. It is literally a pillow’s job to ensure a good night’s sleep. It aligns your neck with your spine and supports your head by featuring a smooth surface to rest on.

Fold It From The Centre:

This is the easiest and sure-tell pillow replacement checker. Start by placing your pillow on a flat surface and try folding it in half from the center. Technically, a pillow that still has some life remaining must spring back into its original shape. In case that doesn’t happen, it’s time to change it.


You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Changed It:

Well, if that is the case, you know it has been too long. Even if the pillow seems okay, chances are that it needs replacement, especially if it has been five years or more. Why? Because pillows are one of those things that easily accumulate dust mites and dead skin. Imagine placing your head on that? Sounds gross, doesn’t it? This should be reason enough to have it replaced and this time, don’t forget to mark the date when you bought it.


Look For Lumps:

Many times, pillows start to lose their shape and the filling either starts to get loose, or gets confined in the form of thick balls. This happens because the filing has started to decay. This can be bad for two reasons; first, you are not getting proper head support anymore, which can lead to multiple sleep problems and second, it is very uncomfortable to sleep on. Therefore, if bumps and lumps have started to show, it’s time you have it replaced with a new one.


Change in Colour:

Strip the protector or the pillow case of your pillow and see what colour the pillow is. If it has significant yellow stains, then they are probably because of your sweat and drool. Not only is it unhealthy to sleep on a pillow that may very well be the breeding ground of hundreds of different bacteria, it is also not a pretty sight to imagine yourself placing your head on it the next time you go to sleep. If you feel repulsed by seeing the colour, it’s time to invest in a new one.


It Has Reached Its Expiration Date:

Most people don’t know this but pillows also come with an expiration date. If you have purchased a branded pillow, be it polyester or latex, there is sure to be a tag sewn into it which has its expiration date. However, not every pillow comes with it. So, if yours doesn’t have one, look at the table below.

So, we now know which pillows last the longest when washed and used properly. However, these are just numbers; each and every person’s pillow expiration date may vary depending on the usage. If the user excessively tosses and turns in sleep, chances are that he/she may be in need of a replacement quicker than the one who doesn’t.