In Search of a New Pillow? Take A Look At These Essentials

The right pillow is the most important piece of the puzzle for your perfect slumber. Get it wrong and you will continue to toss and turn, challenging your body’s flexibility and inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

Not many realise that the reason they are not able to sleep peacefully is that they have chosen the wrong pillow and start to suffer from back and neck pains that deter the quality of their sleep and wellbeing as well.  

When shopping for the right pillow, there are some things to consider. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping; you deserve to get the best out of it. In this blog post, we provide tips that may come in handy when shopping for one. 

Position you sleep in:

Many people may tell you that the only thing you should consider when purchasing a pillow is comfort. But that isn’t enough. Each one of us has different sleeping patterns, styles and positions in which we feel the most comfortable. Like no one size fits all, pillows must be chosen based on everyone’s sleeping style so that heads and necks can be aligned with their spinal cords without causing any stress.

To find the best one, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you sleep on your back? 
  • Do you sleep on your belly? 
  • Do you sleep on your side?
  • Are you a mixed sleeper?

Once you have determined your sleeping style, it’s time to test your options. 

The Right Filling:

You may feel the fluffiest of pillows are the best option, but they aren’t. Feathery pillows do nots help support the head like they should, which is one of the prime causes of many cervical and neck problems. There are many other pillow fillings that you must consider before investing in one:

  1. Down Pillows

Made from goose and duck feathers, they are constructed with light and fluffy filaments that interweave and expand to form air pockets.

  1. Memory Foam Pillow

Made from dense foam, they offer a promising neck support by reverting to its original shape after every use. This flexibility to reduce the pressure points is what makes them a very popular choice among all. 

  1. Latex Pillows

They conform to your neck and head for support and comfort. Having a resilient feel, latex usually comes in two different forms: a shredded/granulated filing or a bouncy/solid filling that doesn’t compact even after many years of use. 

  1. Buckwheat pillows: 

Often categorised as speciality pillows, they are the best alternative to all the pillows mentioned above as they offer similar functions as down, latex and memory foam pillows. Filled with buckwheat fruit, once it dries out, they are the best when it comes to choosing the right pillow for yourself. 

Sleeping Problems:

If you have any sleep-oriented issues, it is best to consider them too when shopping for new pillows. Many special conditions such as persistent neck and back pains require special care and must not be taken lightly. They may cause serious strain on your spinal cord if left untreated. Therefore, we have listed a few common sleeping conditions to help you better judge your specific need:

  • Snoring: Choose an anti-snoring pillow if possible.
  • Neck pain: Both buckwheat pillows and orthopaedic pillows provide the right kind of support that helps your neck and reduces neck pain.
  • Back pain: Choose a pillow that helps alignment with your spine such as a buckwheat pillow.

Now that you understand the things you need to consider before choosing the right sleep buddy for yourself, do visit Go Relax to browse through the finest-quality buckwheat pillows for yourself and your family.