Sleep Tight: The Benefits of Switching to a Buckwheat Pillow

You may have often seen advertisements comparing pillows with either marshmallows or clouds since we have grown up thinking they should be light as a feather. However, it is not an ideal way to sleep. Medical science urges that pillows must be hard enough to support the weight of your head to keep in alignment with your spinal cord, something that these light feathery pillows don’t offer. What is the result? A bad posture and an uncomfortable sleep! 

In contrast, a buckwheat hull pillow doesn’t compact; one of the many reasons why it has become such a popular choice today. Offering you an ergonomically-right sleeping position, there are some other benefits we mention below to compel you to switch to one today!

Advantages of Buckwheat Pillows

People who have experienced a buckwheat pillow as a substitute highly recommend it to others as they find the benefits far reaching. We are jotting down a few of the many reasons why switching to a buckwheat pillow is your best option. 


Can Improve sleep

Everyone has a tendency to toss and turn at night. There may be hundreds of reasons for such discomforts, with the prime reasons being neck or cervical pains. Buckwheat pillows are ideal as they quickly adjust to the body’s needs without being too soft nor too hard. 

Can offer relief from pain

The better posture once you switch to a buckwheat hull pillow enables your body to relieve itself of the pain it formally felt. Many medical studies are in favour of buckwheat hull pillows as they lessen nerve and migraine pains only after a few nights’ use

Are cost-efficient

There is no denying that high-quality pillows are expensive. Not only that, they do need to be replaced every few years once their foam sags into clumps. But that is not the case with buckwheat pillows. When it comes to pricing, they are highly affordable when you take into consideration they last 10 years on average.

Offer Temperature Control

When it comes to temperature control, a buckwheat hull pillow offers versatility. On hot days, they can be put into the freezer to allow the buckwheat to freeze and on cold days provide the perfect insulation if you microwave the hulls for a few minutes. 

Are chemical-free

Buckwheat pillows are free from toxins. So, you and your family can rest assured that you are safe from inhaling or consuming any harmful chemicals. 

Smell good

Add a touch of lavender oil and you will feel like you have stepped into heaven. The smell of the buckwheat itself is very refreshing and may drastically help you feel more energised and relaxed in the morning. 

Are Eco-friendly

Since they are filled with all natural 100% organic buckwheat hulls, these don’t cause damage to the environment. 

Can improve digestion

A pillow that isn’t designed for you can also cause digestion problems. Again, buckwheat hull pillows, due to their flexibility, allow proper alignment of the body with the spinal cord making the digestion process much smoother.