Buckwheat Hull Pillow
Buckwheat Hull Pillow
Buckwheat Hull Pillow
Buckwheat Hull Pillow

Buckwheat Hull Pillow


Buckwheat pillows help you get a great night's sleep

Popular in Asia, buckwheat pillows help people have a great night sleep. They have contributed to the elimination of headaches, as well as neck and back pain. Buckwheat is firm, malleable, and very breathable, making it the ideal filling for a pillow. The pillow conforms to your body and provides cool, comfortable support all night, every night.

Buckwheat Pillows Support Your Neck and Head

You can adjust the shape and thickness of your pillow to create the perfect support for you. This malleable quality supports your neck, keeping your spine straight, and allowing your muscles to relax. While not a medical device, they have been reported to relieve neck and back pain, insomnia, snoring, allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, migraines, and other conditions.

You can adjust the pillow's thickness and malleability by removing or adding buckwheat hulls any time (through an invisible 30cm zip). Your pillow ships fully stuffed, so you'll have plenty of buckwheat hulls to get your pillow just how you like it.

Cool Comfort All Night

During summer months, traditional pillows retain body heat, making your pillow uncomfortable during hot weather. The buckwheat hull filling allows air to move freely through your pillow, meaning you can sleep on the cool side of the pillow all night long without flipping.

Buckwheat sustainably grown by Australian farmers

Our premium buckwheat hulls are sustainably grown and milled by Australian farmers. Buckwheat is a natural product and contains no animal products for those interested in a vegan lifestyle.

Our pillow cases are 100% cotton.

Free Shipping

We ship to all addresses in Australia free of charge. Most orders ship the next business day, so you'll have a pillow delivered to your door in no time. All orders are sent in recycled boxes to help reduce the environmental impact. We ship to standard addresses (no PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers).

60-Day Money-back Guarantee

We guarantee you'll love your pillow. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason, send it back to us, and we'll refund your purchase. Like most changes in life, adjusting to a buckwheat pillow takes some time, so we recommend giving it a few weeks.