The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit
The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit
The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit
The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit
The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit
The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit

The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Seat Kit

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This mediation seat comes in a kit including: The Kindseat + cushion + carry case + Free Shipping

This is undoubtedly the best meditation seat we have ever tried.

It looks good, it's very light and portable, and it even comes to pieces so that it'll easily fit in a suitcase or backpack. But the really great thing about it is the ease with which you can set it up to provide you with the support and comfort your body needs.

Most people will use the Kindseat as a "seiza bench," in a kneeling position, but it can also be used to sit cross-legged. Some people who can't sit cross-legged on a cushion find that they can do so comfortably on the Kindseat

The main problem with most benches is that they have a fixed height, but the Kindseat's unique design allows you to adjust the height in tiny increments.

It's easy to adjust the lengths of the straps that support the seat in order to change the height. A convenient scale on the seat itself allows you to set the seat to the best height for you. Even if you take the stool to pieces for traveling, you can snap it back together again in seconds, and the seat will be at the same height as the last time you used it.

The Kindseat automatically adjusts to the right angle for you. The seat tilts naturally to match the conformation of your body as you sit. If you shift your weight or change the distance between your knees (two things that change the angle of your pelvis), the Kindseat's angle changes with you. It 's designed so that it can't tilt backwards.

Despite its flexibility, the Kindseat offers you stable support. Unlike a cushion, it won't compress and sink as you sit on it. It gives support that's solid and yet comfortable. The Kindseat's straps are made from the same safe and strong material that climbers use when they're dangling from cliff faces.

The Kindseat comes with the "Kindkushion" which is a marvel in itself. The problem with putting a cushion on the sloping wooden seat is that it slides off the front. Not with the Kindkushion! The cushion, which is thin and yet comfortable, has a bottom made from a specially designed material that grips the wood and prevents sliding.

It also comes with a carry case. It's custom designed for the Kindseat, and will hold the Kindseat, its legs, and the cushion.

What meditators have said about the Kindseat

  • "The best meditation bench I have used! ... Well thought through and neatly designed." Martin R.
  • "This meditation bench is simply the best, thank you." Caroline Hagerman
  • "A brilliant purpose built design for those of us who meditate." Peter
  • "Because it's so comfortable, the Kindseat has helped me increase both the duration and frequency of my meditations." C. Garland
  • " have tried sitting on cushions and benches, in different styles, such as full-lotus, half-lotus and seiza. This KindSeat is the very first on which I always can focus on my meditation rather than trying to get comfortable." Dhammist
  • "I have been using the Kindseat for a couple of weeks now and must really say that I LOVE it! Thanks to the adjustable height and angle, I sit comfortably in an upright posture without any strain." Riwa
  • "I totally look forward to my meditation sessions now because I am guaranteed to be comfortable." Kristin Robinson


  • Length: 54 cm
  • Depth: 17 cm
  • Height: Adjustable from 6.5 cm to approx 25.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.12 kg
  • Weight with optional KindKushion: 1.46 kg

The Kindseat comes in a choice of red or black straps.