Woodstock Agate Chimes - 5 Varieties


Named by the Greek naturalist Theophrastus between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, agates have long fascinated humans. They form over long periods of time in nodules left in volcanic rock and are often used as grounding stones, bringing balance to our emotional, physical and intellectual state and promoting stability and strength. Sliced thin to reveal its translucent beauty, each piece of agate is unique. May the music of the chimes, combined with this ancient earth energy, bring harmony and balance to your life.

Brown agate symbolizes the earth, stability and comfort.

Blue agate symbolizes tranquility, truth and confidence.

Green agate symbolizes nature, youth and good health or vitality.

Red agate symbolizes passion, energy and strength.

Purple agate represents royalty, spirituality and enlightenment.

Our Agate Chimes feature genuine agate windcatchers and as such, there will be a variation in the size and hue of the stone - no two are alike!

Length: 46cm