Zaphir Wind Chimes
Zaphir Wind Chimes
Zaphir Wind Chimes
Zaphir Wind Chimes

Zaphir Wind Chimes


The Zaphir Chimes are the successors of the Shanti's that haven't been manufactured since 2010.

  • They are built to sound identical to the Shanti's.
  • Handmade by artisans in France.
  • Zaphir Wind Chimes are hand crafted and precisely tuned musical instruments, available in five beautiful melodies and many vibrant colours.
  • Eight chords of different lengths, are welded with silver into a metal plate at the base of a resonance tube. Through precise tuning of the different tone ranges, the harmonic progression of tones starts switching into overtones, in a circling almost endless flow.
  • A specific oil paint-marbling technique known as ‘oil-paint on water’ has been developed by Atelier Zaphir, achieving a more natural and refined colour, giving the Zaphir chime it's unique and vibrant design.
  • Working together with several artists and providers, Zaphir chimes are crafted from mostly natural materials. A finishing layer of Eco-label varnish is applied to protect from the weather and the wooden wind catcher is wax coated.
              Since handmade there may be slight variations in colour and pattern.
              - Crystalide GABDAGBD
              - Sunray G#BC#EG#EAC#
              - Twilight EGBCEGBC
              - Sufi FADFAGAD
              - Blue Moon DFABCEA#C